Starbucks Opened “Silent Cafe” in Guangzhou - TNBC USA

World-renowned coffee shop, Starbucks has opened a “silent cafe” in China’s Guangzhou, where around half-of-staff are deaf, as a part of an initiative to support the employment of disabled men.

Starbucks China’s Chief Operating Officer Leo Tsoi said, “This might be the quietest Starbucks of over 3,800 shops on the Chinese mainland.

14 out of total of 30 staffs at the outlet has hearing problem. The new “silent cafe” is located in Yuexiu district of Guangzhou.

“Silent Cafe” has been designed with a special ordering system, which permits people to place an order without uttering a single word.

For instance, all the foods and drinks are numbered to facilitate ordering and customers can choose to write down their specific orders.

A store worker of “silent cafe”, Chen Siting said, “We cannot hear you but would like to share a tasty coffee with you,” adding that “I believe more people like me could find a career they are passionate about in the future.”

First coffee master of Starbucks, Zhu Jieying also had a hearing loss in China, appointed with three other deaf managers at the “silent cafe”

Zhu has been working for 7-years in Starbucks, hope that the “silent cafe” could be a platform for people with disabilities to explore themselves and achieve more possibilities in life.

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