India Asks USA To Waive Tariffs on Steel And Alluminium

India Asks USA To Waive Tariffs on Steel And Alluminium

New Delhi, March 28- The Prime Minister Narendra Modi today asked the US president Donald Trump to waive tariffs on steel and aluminum export of India and assured him that the USA would not face any problems and it would be beneficial for both of the countries. The US president last week announced to waive tariffs on steel and aluminum for Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, South Korea and the European Union. The USA also announced that it could waive the tariffs of a country which was not mentioned in the list if the country was not harmful to America. President Trump came into power with the promise that he would stop unfair practice of other countries . Hence he recently decided to increase tariffs about 60 percent on Chinese goods and that made the world market unstable.

India does not export steel to the USA in a large quantity but India wants to improve its bilateral relationship with the USA and India has decided to counter China by building a strong bond with the USA. Recently China faced threats from the US president and Trump’s decision has aggravated the business of the Chinese Steel companies to a large extent. Hence they may try to enter the Indian market and it will have a negative impact on India’s domestic market. Hence the Central Government has taken the decision to protect Indian steel companies.

by TNBC Staff Reporter on March 28, 2018

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