On Wednesday, a California Jury has ordered Johnson & Johnson to pay $29 million to a woman, who accused that asbestos in the company’s talcum powder-based products, mainly Johnson’s Baby Powder, caused her mesothelioma.

The California Superior Court’s Verdict in Oakland marks a defeat for the healthcare conglomerate that faces over 13000 talc-related lawsuits worldwide.

Johnson & Johnson said it was disappointed with the order and would appeal, citing “serious procedural and evidentiary errors” in the trial course.

The New Jersey-based company, New Brunswick has denied that its talc has caused cancer, claims several studies and examination by worldwide regulators have shown that the product is safe and asbestos-free.

The lawsuit, raised by Terry Leavitt, was the first of over a dozen Johnson & Johnson talc cases, is scheduled for trial in 2019. On January 7, the 9-week trial has started and included testimony from several experts on both sides.

The jury was deliberate for 2-days after delivering its order that Johnson & Johnson has to pay off $29 million as compensation amount, reports source. 

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