Elon Musk Mocks At Jeff Bezos’ Moon & Space Colony Plans

Elon Musk Mocks At Jeff Bezos’ Moon & Space Colony Plans

Elon Musk, the founder of Space X, has mocked at Jeff Bezos’ moon and space colony plans, claims they make no sense at all.

Founder of Blue Origin and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has described his vision of human living on far-long, orbiting space station termed as “O’Neil Colonies”, which is named after Physicist Gerard O’ Neil, who is the first one to float the concept.   

Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweets, “Makes no sense. In order to grow the colony, you’d have to transport vast amounts of mass from planets/moons/asteroids. Would be like trying to build the US in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.”

He made the remarks after Mr. Bezos has attended a conference in the United States, where he has discussed his ambitious roadmap for Blue Origin to make a “sustained human presence” – house for a trillion of people on the Moon, added the report.

Mr. Bezos has unveiled a new Moon-lander in May, termed as “Blue Moon” after 3-years of development, along with a small rover at Walter E. Washington Convention Centre.

He tweets, “We must return to the Moon – this time to stay. We’re ready to support @NASA in getting there by 2024 with #bluemoon.”

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