During Trade Discussions With China , US Business Lobby Claims Most Firms Favour Tariffs - TNBC USA

A top American business lobby in China claimed that a most of the member companies of it recommended the keeping back tariffs on the Chinese goods by the United States during the attempt of resolution deal between Beijing and Washington for ending a months-long rade war.

The American Chamber of Commerce in China also told that over the past year, significantly more of its members want the US government to drive harder to create a level playing field for US businesses. US President Donald Trump told that he may sign an agreement soon with Chinese President Xi Jinping t end the trade controversy if their countries can overpass the remaining differences, claiming negotiators were “ very, very close” to a deal.

That attended the earlier declaration of the US President that he would detain a tariff hike on $200 billion of Chinese goods and extend the deadline till March 1st. Washington is inquiring an end to the stealing of the trade secrets and practices which pressurize US companies to turn over the technology of the Chinese firms.

China has given some information about the current discussions. Foreign Ministry representative Lu Kang told the reporters that as discussions were still continuing, his appreciating was that many of the details could not yet be unveiled.

Lu noted that Xi has told the US President that he is desired to keep delaying meetings between them.

Without any explanation, Lu added, “ I believe that both countries’ teams will make full preparation for matters related to a meeting between the two heads of state”.

About 10 % members of the chambers recommended increasing tariffs rates on those $200 billion of Chinese goods from 10% to 25% after the original deadline till March 1st agreed by Trump and Xi in December.

Another 43 % solicited maintaining tariffs at 10 % and detaining the increase for 60 days while negotiations carried on, the chamber told at an orientation on its annual business climate survey by China.

Chamber Chairman Tim Stratford told at the briefing, “ There are mixed feelings about the tariffs, but a majority are in support of the tariffs continuing at the present time”.

He also added, “People don’t like tariffs, and that’s truly understandable. But they also think that maybe the tariffs have done some good in provoking very serious negotiations between the two sides,” Stratford told Reuters earlier ”.


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