On Tuesday, US President Donald Trump signed a Space Policy Directive to begin the time-consuming process of creating a new branch of the military which will be dedicated to managing new challenges in space, the US Space Force.
To establish a new force under the guidance of the Air Force, the Space Policy Directive 4 lay the foundation for a legislative initiative. It is similar to the Marines under the US Navy. By 2020, it has been claimed by the Trump administration that it plans to usher in the force. There can be an uphill battle with the House of Representatives which is now controlled by Democrats as the legislation, Space Policy Directive will have to be approved by the Congress.
The Space Force was considered as a national security priority by the President on Tuesday, on the signing ceremony in Oval Office.
As per sources, there will be a huge responsibility on the forces including all the space-based US military capabilities. Under the Space Policy Directive, the force would have both “combat and combat support functions to enable prompt and sustained offensive and defensive space operations,” the memo signed on Tuesday said.
Mac Thornberry, the top-ranked Republican on the House Armed Services Committee, praised the initiative. He said, “It is an important next step towards real reform of national security space where we face real threats posed by Russia and China.”
US Air Force chief General David Goldfein told the Brookings Institution Think Tank that “From a war-fighting perspective, the most important step that we take going forward, and the one that we need to do the quickest, is to establish a US Space Command as a combatant commander.” to command personnel and materials.

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