An Un-usual Team Up

An Un-usual Team Up

In the 21st century, it has been seen that an unusual bond between the food industry and the shoe industry have been created. The brands like Nike and Saucony has been seen to make new sneakers based on the food trends. This is not just a casual design for seeing by the consumers but also this has become a hot favorite in the market.

Even in this era through the concept is seen to be new but then again in near history, a number of the success of the same has been seen. Many food industries and fashion industries have been seen to collaborate with each other and hence have improved their marketing. A few examples of the fast-food giants who have teamed up with their fashion counter partners can be mentioned as nothing but a combination of their appealing power. In many terms have been seen to give the customers a perfect ‘best of both worlds’ product. Few combinations can be easily discussed in the given case.

Saucony & Dunkin’ Donuts: A concept has been made to be real in this case, the concept has been named ‘America runs on Dunkin’. In this concept, it has been seen that the two major brands like the famous coffee & donut house and Saucony have joined hands to make a limited edition shoe for the Boston Marathon which is scheduled to be on its way on the 16th day of April 2018. In this concept, shoes were made which actually was looking like sprinkles falling off from a strawberry donut.

The Shoe Surgeon and Pizza Hut: Near history has also shown us a collaboration between the giants like The Shoe Surgeon and the Pizza Hut. In this concept, it was seen that Pizza Hut took the level of collaboration to a point unimaginable. The product in this case known as the ‘Pie Tops II’ was a very hit product.

The collaboration was seen to take place in the year 2017 and after the same, a new type of shoe altogether was launched. Only 50 shoes went up for sale which was red and wheat in color. The newest thing about the shoe was that it was having a button pressing which would lead to ordering a pizza. Even the shoe was also seen to
pause live television through the same button. This was altogether a very big hit in the market which helped the company making a huge profit.

1. Nike &  Momofuku: The master chef of Momofuku was seen to get into a collaboration with Nike last year. This individual is very well known for the affinity that he is actually having with the giants in the athletic area. He is majorly known for the SB Dunk High Pro ‘Momofuku’. The shoe was actually seen to be having a dark grey color. This was mainly because that was the color of the aprons worn by the Momofuku’s staff. It was
also seen that the shoe was having a peach logo that was the signature of the restaurant itself.

Hence from time beyond a tie-up between the food and fashion industry was seen which ultimately helped in the proper running of a business and also helped in the process of profit making for the concerns.

by TNBC Staff Reporter on April 10, 2018

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