After Tesla Shares Tumbles, Elon Musk Loses $1Billion Within A Minute - TNBC USA

Elon Musk loses $1.1billion form his net amount in the first two minutes of New York trading as Tesla Inc. shares fall at 11 percent.

The decrease in shares has cut off his net amount to $22.3 billion on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index as of 9:32 am. The electric-car maker had alleged a record decline in deliveries during the first half, down to 63000 vehicles in 3 months, which ended in March 2019, from 90,966 in the fourth quarter.

Around $10 billion fortune of Elon Musk is acquired from Tesla with approximately $13 billion coming from his stake in closely held rocket business Space Exploration Technologies Corp., as per the calculation by the ranking.

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